We have a well-stocked bar which caters for most members' needs. 
If you would like a different drink (or snack) then do please let the our bar secretary (Linda) know.  We will try to help but if you knew how old the Martini Rosso is (and it is still behind the bar!) you would agree that we need to buy drinks which we know are going to be consumed by more than one member.

We do accept card payments for drinks purchased and for membership fees.

We have in the past kept real ales in our cellar (we usually have a cask at Xmas).  If there is sufficient demand we may be able again to stock ‘pins' (36 pints).
We also have bottled ‘guest’ bitters and members have said that they like to try different branded ales.

At present we  only have keg Fosters ‘on tap’.  This is kept well but is sometimes a bit lively!  At only £3.30 a pint you may just have to wait a little while for it to pour !

You will see that we stock a range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, and a limited range of snacks.  We can do machine filtered coffee - if you let us know we will to get your favourite type in for you.
The list below shows the current bar prices, which are subject to change.