When?   Apart from the times when the pool team has a scheduled game (every other Monday, in the winter league only) or when the dart team has a game (every other Wednesday throughout most of the year).  The only other day when the table is ‘closed’ is on the day of the AGM.

Our darts team play in a Summer league  which uses that strange ‘Kent Board’ (all black, no treble ring and the doubles and bull are very small! They also throw from further out (note the line on the carpet!).  The team also play in the Winter league which uses the more common ‘Treble Board’  The ‘throw line’ (or 'oche' as we professionals call it!) is the one closest to the board.

What?  Most players have their own darts, but feel free to borrow one of the sets which we keep behind the bar.  We also sell good quality spare flights at only £1 for a set of three.

How?  Because of where the dartboard is located in the club it is either darts or pool.  Whoever is playing darts or pool first has priority.

Scoring - you can exercise your mind as well as your throwing arm by mentally doing the numbers or you can use the automatic scorer.

Check - you will also need to be mindful of the proximity of the door next to the dartboard.  Not everybody coming through checks that the route is clear!
You also need to check with us before letting children play darts - this avoids too many holes in the wall as well as in the members coming through the door (see above).

If you are interested in playing some serious darts do see Ant who manages our team.

Enjoy your game!