When?   You can play snooker any time the club is open, apart from when the snooker teams play their local league games (usually on Thursdays) and on the one evening a year the AGM is on!


What?  We have two excellent tables - please look after them!  There is no eating in the snooker room - baize and sticky fingers do not mix! You need to check with us before letting children play snooker - a new cloth only costs around £500! 


If you do not have your own cue then do borrow one from the rack by the door (and put it back when you have finished!).There is also a rack on the wall with some of those strange special rests for you to use (and which make you think that you are a professional!). Please return them when you have used them. 


You can buy chalk from behind the bar (a whole £0.50p!) or you may be able to borrow some from other players (we are a friendly bunch!).


How?  Before you can play you need to write your name on the chalk board in the snooker room.  You will need a number of 20 pence pieces for the coin meter (if you are good then only 3, if not so good then more!).  It works out at only £2.00 per hour to play - and you could get up to three games in that time!  However, you can only play one game, then it is the next person with their name on the board to play. You can put your name up again (or continue to play if nobody else's name is on the board!). 

The previous players should have set up the game ready for you to play (at the end  of your game please do the same).


Enjoy your game!  


Any questions? (see Roger who manages this room)