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When?   Apart from the evenings when the pool team has a scheduled game (on every other Monday, in the winter league only) and when the dart team has a league game (every other Wednesday throughout most of the year) the only other time the table is ‘closed' is on the evening of the AGM.
What?  We have an excellent table (‘one of the best in the league’) so please look after it!  
A game is only 50p - half of what it costs in a pub?

There are cues in the rack for you use if you do not have your own (please put them back when you have finished!).
There is usually chalk on the table but you can also buy it from behind the bar (a massive 50p!) or you may be able to  borrow some from other players (we are a friendly bunch!).
How?  The tradition is that if there is a queue you put your 50p on the edge of the table in order to ‘book’ your slot.  You get to play one game, then its the  turn of who owns the next 50p.  Obviously, you can continue to play if there are not any 50 pences on the table!

Please note: there is no eating around the pool table  - baize and sticky fingers do not mix!

You need to check with us before letting children play pool - a new speed cloth only costs around £200!

If you are interested in playing some serious pool do see Alex who manages our team.

Enjoy your game!